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Glam Beauty 10 Piece Brush Set with case

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Featuring plush synthetic bristles, the Make Up Brush Set of 10 helps you effortlessly apply makeup and comes with a convenient pouch for easy storage. Perfect for the individual on the move.

It’s easy to bring with you so you can stay at your best wherever you go without having to drag along a huge unorganized make up bag.

Product Features:

  • Great for applying cream, powder, and liquid cosmetics
  • Portable
  • Perfect for traveling

Set Includes:

  • 1x Powder Brush
  • 1x Foundation Brush
  • 1x Blush Brush
  • 1x Eyeshadow Brush
  • 1x Small Contour Brush
  • 1x Concealer Brush
  • 1x Fan Highlight Brush
  • 1x Lip Brush
  • 1x Eyebrow Brush
  • 1x Smudge Brush
  • 1x Grey Make-up Brush Pouch

Customer Reviews

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Val L
You decide.

20 March 2024: Order placed for this and one other item.
2 April 2024: No delivery, no communication from Boxful, sent a mail to follow up.
4 April 2024: No delivery, no response to my mail. Sent another mail as well as messages on Facebook and Instagram. Get a response with apologies and that my order will be shipped out as a priority.
5 April 2024: Get a mail from Boxful saying my order has been shipped, with a tracking number.
10 April 2024: No delivery. Tracking number given to me on 5 April does not work on courier’s track-and-trace webpage. Sent a mail to Boxful asking for an update.
11 April 2024: No delivery, no response to my mail from Boxful. Sent additional message to Boxful on Facebook; Instagram does not allow to send more than one message to non-friends. Boxful responds to my mail – apologising again, stating that my order was not shipped because the other item is out of stock, and I can either wait 3 weeks for new stock or substitute for something else. In response, I asked for a refund of the full order since I have already waited 3 weeks and I do not want anything else.
15 April 2024: Since no response to my last mail or a refund has been forthcoming, I have decided to write off Boxful as a sad mistake. In my opinion, this is not how a legitimate and responsible business behaves towards its customers, especially when things go wrong.